Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetsforum (ISF), also known as the Norwegian Information Security Forum (ISF), is a nonprofit member-based organization for the information security community in Norway.

The members of ISF are organizations in both public and private sector, and common for all members is a genuine interest in information security and the desire to establish and maintain a high level of security. ISF is continually working to maintain our position as the preferred community for information security professionals in Norway.

ISF members may collaborate in projects - based on expertise and experiences - to gather and disseminate knowledge of relevance to all member organizations. In addition, members will build a useful network of contacts where they can take part in and cooperate with others in a safe environment for discussion.

ISF has four member meetings each year in addition to a fall conference that spans three days.

Member meetings - often with socializing afterwards - gives individual members close contact with people who work with information security.

ISF is member driven and the level of activity is determined by the annual general meeting. In the period between the general meetings the activities are managed by the ISF Board. The Board consists of six representatives from member companies. The board is elected by the general meeting.

A brief history

ISF was established in January 1994. In its first year the ISF had as its first project, the task of translating the English standard BS7799: Code of Practice for Information Security Management into Norwegian. This was the English standard with effect from November 1994. This was then replaced by EN ISO / IEC 17799, which was purchased for all members in electronic format. Furthermore the ISF developed "A Guide to Securing access to the Internet" (Norwegian:"En Veiledning i Sikring av Tilgang til Internett") and "A Guide to Dealing with Virus Attacks" (Norwegian:"En Veiledning i Håndtering av Virusangrep"). Members also prepared short information sheets under the name ISF-Tips.

Today the Norwegian ISF consists of more than 200 member organizations from Norway's largest businesses in both public and private sector, Norsk Informasjonssikkerhetsforum (ISF) is the largest non-profit organization for Information Security Professionals in Norway.

Advertising via ISF channels

ISF can promote events hosted by other organizations, if the following conditions are met: 1) the dates for the event does not coincide with an ISF event, 2) ISF members receive a minimum 20% discount on the participation fee for the event and 3) ISF Board approves advertising for the event.

Advertising from the ISF may include information / advertisement on the website and / or information in e-mails sent out to ISF members. The information will be published on the webpages of ISF for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Note that ISF will not send out separate e-mails for such events, but may include information in planned e-mail correspondence with its members such as informing members about the next ISF membership meeting.


For questions regarding the Norwegian ISF please contact the board at