Johannes Ulrich, Director Internet Storm Center, SANS Technology Institute.


Kort sammendrag av foredraget

Internet Storm Center has been monitoring cyber attacks for over 15 years. Over this time, they have overserved how attacks change and how attackers adapt to new defenses and opportunities. Johannes Ullrich will introduce the Internet Storm Center and show how it operates and how you can use their data and contribute to it. Two developments have been particularly prominent in the last two years. First of all, the value of stolen data has been diminishing. All data has already been stolen, and basic personal information or payment card data can be purchased quite cheaply. Instead, attackers discovered that the CPUs of systems can be “resold” by utilizing them for cryptocoin mining. Secondly, organizations are finding that it is much cheaper to store and process data in someone else’s datacenter. These cloud migrations often happen without adjusting business processes and configurations to the shared-responsibility security model employed by cloud providers. As a result, organizations no longer have a good understanding of where their data is located and how it is secured. Exploiting this data usually doesn’t even require an exploit and is simple enough to still be worthwhile to attackers."