Sara Veronica Marcolla, Specialist in the EC3 Outreach team, Europol

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Sara joined Europol in 2012 as member of the Implementation team for the establishment and development of the European Cybercrime Centre and became member of the EC3 Strategy and Outreach team in 2014, and acts as well as the permanent secretariat for the EUCTF (EU Cybercrime Task Force), the expert group that gathers the Heads of European Union cybercrime units to facilitate the cross-border fight against cybercrime.


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The European Cybercrime Centre (EC3 ), established at Europol in 2013, has rapidly grown to become the focal point in the fight against cybercrime in the Union, pooling cross-sectorial cybercrime expertise to support Member States and Third Parties' cybercrime investigations and providing a collective voice of European cybercrime investigators across law enforcement and the judiciary. EC3’s biggest strength? The network of stakeholders from private sector, academia, and law enforcement agencies.